Supported by the East Coast’s leading distributor

Qualis relies on Arley's logistic capability

The strategic location of our warehouses allows us to be close to our customers, guaranteeing an excellent proximity service: Scranton, Syracuse, Morrisville and Greensboro.

Own fleet on the road

A extensive fleet of trucks, vans and commercial vehicles along with the strategic location of our warehouses allows for convenient and efficient delivery routes, guaranteeing competitive cost and effectiveness for our customers.

Vast Stock

Extensive tile stocks to service the East Coast.

Dedicated Pro Team

Service, commercial attention, training and merchandsing. The human team makes the difference. We’re tile experts, an organization focused and oriented to the customer.


We offer a long-lasting relationship with our dealers. We are committed to you.

Flooring Visualizer

With the Flooring Visualizer we help you select the product you are looking for. It is very easy to use and the results are very realistic: Instant results, Great realism and Easy of use.

Customized Digital Catalog (DTC)

It’s a Private-Label Customized Version of Qualis’ Web Catalog. It includes ALL product data, images and room scenes, fully customized with your logo, address, phone and contact details.

Digital App Catalog

Practical and fast version of your catalogue for sales force and customers on the move. All your products and your brand in an App Store and Google Play application for tablets and phones.


We offer you help to establish and grow with us


Extensive merchandising and sample display program. Our goal is to provide sales support through marketing and merchandising: Displays, Boards, Sample cards …


Training and technical support. Our professional team will answer your ‘how-to’ questions. We need more information in this block.

Sales support

Professional service reps to help you get set up and grow with us. We need more information in this block.


Contact us if you want to join our team of dealers



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